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REMEMBER – Call CenterPoint to REPORT
… Call Rub-A-Dub to REPAIR.

Understand, CenterPoint will NOT repair gas lines within your home or business. But, that doesn’t mean you should ever neglect calling them in a gas emergency. If you suspect gas leaks in your home please follow their safety protocol. Once the property is deemed safe, then call Rub-A-Dub Plumbing to make the required repairs. Our team of gas line experts is guaranteed to have the training and experience you can rely on for quality service.

If you take preventative measures or gas leaks are fixed or deemed safe, our team of professional gas leaks specialists is standing by to help you with your problems related to gas meters, gas piping.

Look, Listen & Smell to Detect Possible Gas Leaks

Natural gas is an efficient and generally safe way to power appliances like hot water heaters. But gas leaks can cause fires and explosions and injure and kill. That’s why gas leak detection is critical to the safety of your home and all that live there. Be aware of the signs and how to sense if there’s a leak, and what to do if you detect one. And rely on us to then fix it.

What you’ll get when you hire Rub-A-Dub’s Squeaky Clean Plumbers:

  • Gas leak detection and rapid repair.
  • Inspection of your home’s natural gas system to guard against any future leaks.
  • A truck that’s a Warehouse On Wheels,
  • Upfront Pricing that leaves no surprises on your bill
  • No more natural gas leak and a little blue duck to remember us by.

Wherever you live in East Texas from Corsicana and on out to Tyler, Lindale & Mineola, Rub-A-Dub Plumbing is here for you! We deliver protection from the dangers of a gas leak as well as services and guidance on how to avoid them and respond if you detect one. Our customers can have total faith in our capabilities as we are fully licensed, insured, and trained. We’ll also be sure to explain our services to you in terms you can understand.

How To Detect a Gas Leak in Your Home or on Your Property

There are a number of indicators that can help you detect leaking natural gas in your home or along the gas line on your property. Be aware of the smells, sights and sounds that signal the presence of a leak.

A foul odor like rotten eggs from a chemical compound added to odorless natural gas to indicate that it’s leaking.

 A persistent hissing sound along gas lines or at connections.

 A pilot light that’s out or burns yellow or orange and not a clean blue.

 Persistent bubbling in standing water.

 Discolored or dead vegetation around the pipeline area.

 Dense white cloud or fog.

 Slight mist or ice.

 Unexplained frozen ground near the pipeline.

LOOK for signs of a possible leak

  • Persistent bubbling in standing water
  • Discolored or dead vegetation around the pipeline area
  • Dense white cloud or fog
  • Slight mist or ice
  • Unexplained frozen ground near the pipeline


  • Whistling, hissing or roaring sound


*Some persons may not be able to smell the odor because they have a diminished sense of smell, olfactory fatigue (normal, temporary inability to distinguish an odor after prolonged exposure to it) or because the odor is being masked or hidden by other odors that are present in the area, such as cooking smells or damp, musty, or chemical odors.

In addition, under certain rare circumstances, odor fade (the loss of odorant so that it is not readily detectable by smell) can occur.  Odor fade is caused by physical and chemical processes.  Other factors that may cause odor fade include: construction and configuration of the customer’s gas facilities; presence of rust, moisture, liquids, or other substances in the pipe; gas composition, pressure, and flow; intermittent, little, or no gas flow over an extended period that normally lasts until the gas flow increases or becomes more frequent; new pipe installations; steel and larger pipes; and certain types of dry soil.

For more detailed information on odorant fade, refer to the  Safety Bulletin for contractors who work on natural gas piping, appliances, and equipment and customers.

What to Do If You Detect Signs of a Gas Leak

The sulfuric odor that resembles rotten eggs is added to odorless natural gas as a safety precaution. Think of the smell as an alarm that announces potential danger. Gas that’s not fully burned and ventilated can also create poisonous carbon dioxide.

If you detect the leaking gas odor in your home:

  1. Exit the premises immediately on foot.
  2. Do not turn on or off any electronic devices, including phones or garage door opener.
  3. Do not start or shut off motor vehicles or electrical equipment near the structure where you smelled the leak.
  4. Never strike a match or a lighter and avoid any open flame or ignition sources.
  5. Move to a safe distance from the structure if you smell the odor outside.
  6. Call CenterPoint Energy at 888-876-5786, or in an emergency call 911. Do not email or contact the company via its website about gas leaks, and never assume someone else has reported the leak. CenterPoint checks natural gas leaks at no cost to you.
  7. Alert nearby neighbors to the leak so they stay a safe distance from any danger.
  8. Stay away until CenterPoint or the emergency responders have told you that it is safe to return to your home/property.
  9. Call Rub-A-Dub Plumbing at903-525-6336 for immediate 24/7 service. As soon as it’s safe to do so, we’ll find and fix the source of the leak in your home or on your property.

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Before a Rub-A-Dub plumber comes into YOUR home…the shoe covers go on. And when we’re done, we leave your home looking better than we found it!

Our Upfront Pricing means once we figure out what’s wrong, we’ll write up an estimate. You sign off on the price before any work starts. And when we’re finished, the price is the same!

More like a Warehouse On Wheels, each Rub-A-Dub truck is fully stocked, organized, and ready for anything! That means no extra trips while we’re on the job for you!

If your last plumber smelled like a goat, you’ll appreciate the Squeaky Clean difference of Rub-A-Dub plumbers!

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