Answers to All Your Plumbing Questions

Clogged toilets and leaky faucets are problems every homeowner has to face once or many more times in their life. As a matter of fact, ‘how to unclog a toilet’ is the most searched query on Google, with over 70000 search results.

We decided to answer some of the most common plumbing questions for you. And the answers we are providing are coming straight from plumbing experts!

What Causes Clogs In My Drain?

Most often, people put things down the drain carelessly, particularly in the kitchen, which leads to clogged drains. Other drains, like those in the bathroom, become clogged by hair residue and soap.

Why Is My Tap Water Cloudy?

AIR is the most frequent cause of cloudy tap water.

Small air bubbles are formed in a residence’s water distribution system that can cause the water to look cloudy or hazy.

Another cause of cloudy water could be particles or sediments in the water. It is possible that tap water can become contaminated, which is why it is advisable to conduct a water quality test once a year.

What Is the Reason Behind a Constantly Running Toilet?

The tank’s bottom flap typically doesn’t close properly, which is the primary culprit. Remove the tank’s lid, flush the toilet, and keep an eye on the silicone flaps. Does it seal all the way?

If it isn’t closing all the way, some of the water entering the tanks is leaking from the opening. As a result, water keeps running since the floating ball trigger is not pulled to halt the inflow since the water is not reaching the fill level.

Wobbling the lever causes the flow to halt. The chain holding it onto the silicone flap allows you to move the flap by wobbling it.

Why Is Our Hot Water Running Out Quickly?

The insufficiency of hot water depends on the condition and model of your water heater. There are two heating components on electric water heaters, one on the bottom and one on the top. Both of these components have the potential to fail. Only the top part of the hot water system is heated if the bottom unit fails. There won’t be any hot water if the topmost component fails.

The water heater may have stopped working because a reset button might have been pushed. It is an indication that there is a problem if the reset button has been triggered.

If you need help with your electric water heater, give us a call right away!

Wrapping Up

Plumbing systems are confusing and require some knowledge and expertise to understand. Simple knowledge regarding these basic plumbing problems can make your life easier.

If you have any more questions to help you make your life easier, feel free to ask us here.

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