Don’t Unclog a Drain Yourself – Here’s Why DIY is a Bad Idea

Slow and clogged drains are the single most annoying thing everybody faces at some point in their lives. And what most of us do is grab a drain cleaning liquid from the grocery store and pour it down the drain. While it might seem to have solved the problem, what goes on behind the scenes is why unclogging a drain yourself could be a bad idea.

Store Bought Drain Cleaners Are Toxic

Store-bought drain cleaners are quite bad for your skin, your drains, and your health in general. Even though these aggressive chemicals may appear to be able to clear clogs, they can seriously harm your pipes and drains. The chemicals can corrode your pipes, increasing the likelihood of clogs in the long term. They may therefore provide a temporary fix for a clogged drain, but they may also result in long-term harm, expensive repairs, and further blockages.

Be careful to choose an all-natural enzymatic cleaner if you insist on using a store-bought cleaning solution to unclog your drains. These products use natural enzymes to eliminate germs and organic waste, making them safer for your plumbing. These natural enzymes, however, are still not strong enough to eliminate tough drain clogs.

You Could Overlook a Serious Issue

Even though a clogged drain may seem like a basic situation, there could be a more serious issue going on that only an expert can identify. When you use professional drain cleaning services, they clean your drains thoroughly and extensively and can use instruments and cameras to diagnose any issues. Cotton products, tiny debris, tree stumps, and Grease are among the most typical issues that cause drain clogs. Without an expert in drain services, these issues cannot be fixed.

You Will Be Exposed to Harmful Chemicals

In reality, the majority of drain cleaners that you may buy for yourself are quite poisonous and hazardous—not just for yourself and your household but also for your plumbing and the ecosystem. Sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid are the two compounds that are most frequently found in drain cleaners. These substances can damage your skin and release harmful fumes into the air if they are handled improperly. Drain cleaners do not really thoroughly clean your pipes anyway; they can only remove a portion of the obstruction, leaving your pipes open to clogging again soon.

You Could Worsen the Issue

Trying to unclog your pipes yourself by using chemicals or by digging around can make an existing problem worsen, and you might not even be aware of it. It’s possible to break a pipe, cause leakage, or weaken a junction. Any of these scenarios may cause your blockage to escalate quickly and ultimately cost you more money and time in the long run.

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