How Plumbers In Tyler Can Fix Sewer line Repairs Without Digging

One of the worst parts about having to call in a plumber in Tyler, TX, or anywhere else for plumbing repairs is the havoc it can create in your home. All the plumbing inside your house is typically located underground or in the walls.

Suppose your sewer line has become damaged over time and started failing, and it is causing backups, foul odors, and wet spots in your yard. In that case, repairing the pipes would traditionally involve digging a trench in your yard where the pipes are or tunneling under your home to access the damaged sewer pipes     .

NuFlow technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing homeowners to have no-dig sewer repairs instead of watching the plumber dig up their yard to repair or replace the lines.

But what exactly do no-dig plumbing repairs entail? Rub-A-Dub Plumbing is a certified NuFlow contractor that uses innovative no-dig technology to address sewage repairs in a minimally invasive process. Today, we will discuss the process to help you make a more informed decision when you need to call someone to repair the sewage in your home.

What Is No-Dig Technology?

NuFlow is a company that manufactures innovative technologies to provide better methods to repair the inner structure of deteriorating or failing sewer pipes through a minimally invasive process that does not require digging. The method uses a range of epoxy pipe lining solutions that cure in place within the inner lining of the existing and damaged or failing pipe, effectively forming a secondary pipe in place of the deteriorated areas to fix the problem.

How Does The Process Work?

Our experienced plumbers in Tyler, TX, use this process to provide you with a sewage repair solution because it is mostly non-invasive, much faster, and more reliable than other methods – and it completely eliminates the issues caused by a traditional approach to sewage repairs.

The first step in using no-dig technology to fix your sewer pipes is a video inspection. Our experienced technician maneuvers a self-leveling camera into the pipe through an access point like cleanouts and toilet risers. The video inspection helps them take measurements of the damaged pipe’s dimensions. It also helps them identify any damaged areas, cracks, or blockage.

Once they identify the source of the problem, the plumber removes any blockages using a mechanical cleaning process or hydro-jetting and clears everything up to prepare the pipe for the inner lining.

Finally, the plumbing professional will insert an epoxy-saturated felt tube designed by NuFlow into the damaged pipe. Once the inner lining is in place, the plumber inflates the felt tube to cover the damaged section of the pipe and form an inner lining that cures in place.

This method effectively replaces the inside of the damaged and old pipe without having to dig through to the pipe and remove it. No-dig sewage repairs through NuFlow’s technology also ensure a long-lasting solution because the interior epoxy lining has a life expectancy of over half a century.

Do You Need No-Dig Plumbing Repairs?

Rub-A-Dub Plumbing has been providing sewage repairs and plumbing solutions in East Texas for over 25 years. We have also stayed atop the latest innovations in plumbing technology to ensure that we can offer industry-leading service to all our customers.

If you’re looking for a NuFlow-certified contractor to provide you with no-dig plumbing repairs, we would be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us by calling us at 903-350-0412or reaching out here. We are here for all your plumbing needs 24/7.