4 Ways To Lower Your Water Bill in Tyler, TX

How much do you pay for your water utility each month? Many homeowners in Tyler, TX, don’t realize they might be spending much more on their water bills than they should. You might not think much of how tiny details about how you use water in your home can impact the water bill. However, the cost of things like taking a long shower or doing the dishes by hand can add up.

It is important to learn how to lower your water bill to save costs and play a role in conserving water to help the environment. All your effort to cut down your water bill means more monthly savings, and here are a few tips for this purpose.

4 Tips to Lower Your Water Bill

1. Aerated Faucets Work Wonders

Faucet aerators are small metal pieces often found at the tip of water fixtures where the water comes out. This tiny addition adds air to the water stream to give you a steadier flow while reducing the volume of water. For an insignificant cost, faucet aerators can help you significantly lower your water bill by helping you make more efficient use of water from the faucets.

2. Dishwashers are Better for Saving Money

Many prefer washing dishes by hand instead of using dishwashers because they feel it saves water. However, the average dishwasher can use six gallons of water each cycle. Doing the same amount of dishes by hand can use up to 20 gallons. Using the dishwasher doesn’t just save you time. It also helps you save water.

3. Low Flow is the Way to go

Toilets are notorious for using a high volume of water. Converting your toilet to a low-flow toilet can help you slash your water bill. A low-flow toilet typically uses around 1.6 gallons of water per flush — significantly lower than the seven gallons per flush with standard toilets. Call in an expert to retrofit your toilet and make it more efficient to lower your water bill.

4. Fix the Leaks

Whether it is a faucet that keeps dripping or a minor leak anywhere else in your house, you should call experts to address all repairs immediately. A faucet leaking a drop of water each minute can end up wasting over 30 gallons of water a year. It might not seem like much on your monthly water bill, but it can add up. Investing some money to address minor leaks right now can help you save a ton of money down the line.

Start Saving Money by Following These Tips

Making small savings on your water bill can add up over time. Even saving $20 each month can leave you with over $200 in savings each year. Following all the tips above is guaranteed to save you a lot more.

Start with the tips you find easiest to implement, and keep making adjustments as you see fit. If you have minor plumbing leaks, we suggest prioritizing that first. Call an expert plumber in Tyler, TX, to address the plumbing issues so you can begin shaving off your water bill the right way.

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