Different Types of Plumbing Fixtures Every Home Needs

Plumbing fixtures are essential components of every residential plumbing system. Generally, they include devices that regulate water flow, help remove waste, and keep the house clean and hygienic. Below, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to the different types of plumbing fixtures that every home needs.


Faucets are one of the most common plumbing fixtures found in homes, controlling the flow of water from a pipe to a sink, bathtub, or showerhead. There are various types of faucets, including compression, cartridge, and ceramic disc faucets. Compression faucets use rubber washers to regulate the water flow, while cartridge and ceramic disc faucets use moving parts to control the water flow.


Toilets are another essential plumbing fixture in every home, used to remove waste and maintain hygiene. Some examples include standard gravity-fed, pressure-assisted, and dual-flush toilets.

Standard gravity-fed toilets are the most common type of toilet found in homes. They use gravity to flush waste, and the tank is above the toilet bowl.

On the other hand, pressure-assisted toilets use compressed air to force water into the bowl, providing a more powerful flush. Finally, besides gravity-fed and pressure-assisted toilets, the dual flush is a newer type that allows users to choose between a full flush for solid waste or a partial flush for liquid waste, saving water.


Sinks are used for various purposes, including washing hands, dishes, and other items. There are multiple types of sinks available, including top-mount, under-mount, and farmhouse sinks.

Top-mount sinks are the most common type of sink found in homes. They are installed from above the countertop and have a visible rim around the edge. On the other hand, under-mount sinks are installed from below the countertop, giving a seamless look. Finally, farmhouse sinks are a newer style with a deep basin and an apron front, adding a rustic look to the kitchen.


Showers are an essential plumbing fixture in every home, used for personal hygiene and relaxation. Various types of showers are available, including wall-mounted, handheld, and rain showerheads.

Wall-mounted showers are the most common type of shower found in homes. They are attached to the wall and have adjustable spray patterns. On the other hand, handheld showers are connected to a hose, providing more flexibility and convenience.

Finally, besides wall-mounted and handheld showers, rain showerheads are a newer type of shower that provides a gentle, rainfall-like spray.


Bathtubs are used for relaxing and soaking in warm water. There are various types of bathtubs available, including standard, soaking, and whirlpool tubs. Standard bathtubs are the most common type of bathtub found in homes.

They are typically made of fiberglass or acrylic and have a shallow basin. Soaking tubs are deeper than standard bathtubs, allowing for a more immersive soaking experience. Finally, whirlpool tubs have jets that provide a massage-like experience while soaking.

Plumbing fixtures are essential components of every residential plumbing system. From faucets to toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs, each fixture serves a unique purpose and provides convenience and comfort to homeowners.

By understanding the different types of plumbing fixtures available in the market, you can choose the ones that best suit your unique needs and preferences.

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